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  • Apple iPhone 5 16gb
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  • Apple iPhone 5 16gb profile
    Apple iPhone 5 16gb Apple iPhone 5 16gb back side Apple iPhone 5 16gb rotated Apple iPhone 5 16gb profile

Phone Apple iPhone 5 16gb

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Apple. For many this word became standard of quality, style and reliability. And this time the company confirmed its status with release of iPhone 5. It can be characterized by 3 words: faster, lighter weight, longer.

Let's note basic advantages of new smart phone: thickness of iPhone is 5 - 7,6 mm, in combination with elegant design and light weight, other thickness for this phone is not acceptable. It became possible thanks to new in-cell display in which sensor cover is integrated into liquid crystal panel. Other advantage is resistance of iPhone 5 to mechanical influences, i.e. ability to resist not absolutely careful relation to phone, whether it is casual or intended. Can not but gladden screen of smart phone, now it is four inches, with solution 1136*640. Phone became longer, due to this, it lies in hand very comfortable. It is necessary to note that it is possible to display one more line of icons on desktop. Screen of iPhone is 5 truly large format, that makes viewing films very comfortable.

In other words, Apple once again proves its superiority and pleases its admirers. If user finds any disadvantages in this device, he will not be disappointed in style created by Steve Jobs, possessing original aura. All the more, the most part of lacks is operatively corrected by newest updates.

  • Characteristics
    • OS:iOS 6
    • Display:4 inch, 640 x 1136px
    • Camera:8MP, LED flash, auto focus
    • CPU:1.2GHz Dual-core
    • RAM Memory:1gb RAM
    • Phone Memory:16gb, without slot for memory card
    • Size:123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm
    • Weight:112g
    • Wireless:Wi-fi, bluetooth
    • More info:GPS with support A-GPS and GLONASS
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